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The BEST salted caramel mocha fudge with dulce de leche swirls and sprinkled the sea salt! 7 ingredients and ready to eat in 3 hours! I have a theory about why fudge is so dangerous. First, it’s small.. meaning it disappears quickly. And because it’s small you rationalize in your head that you want need another piece. Second, a little square of fudge packs a lot of flavor. It’s like concentrated goodness and who wouldn’t want another piece of something they love? Third, it’s creamy. I think that’s a big selling point for me. Fourth, it’s versatile and comes in many flavors. I’m not sure I’ve met someone who didn’t at least like one flavor of fudge. Fifth, it’s fast! You could make it in the morning or early afternoon and it will be set for after dinner dessert. Now if your fudge hangs around long enough (not in my house!) can you freeze it. Or if you want to get a head start on holiday baking, fudge is a great thing to freeze and pull out when needed. To freeze fudge, you can wrap it

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