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Cilantro Lime Roasted Shrimp with Tomatillo Sauce



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Prep Time

2 Mins

Cook Time

28 Mins



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About Recipe

Cilantro Lime Roasted Shrimp served with homemade Tomatillo Sauce – filled with fresh cilantro lime flavors this classic appetizer with a twist will definitely be your new favorite! I feel like the beginning of a post is key. If I don’t grab your attention then your probably just going to scroll right down to the recipe and not see or read all the goodness that is in the actual post. Just a dilema. I was trying to think of an awesome can’t-resist-reading-on-hook to the beginning of this post … but I got nothing. So instead. I’m just gonna get right into what I’m thinking today. What do you think of God? I know big question right?!

Recipe Procedure


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