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It is canning season! My poor roommate is enduring the explosion of mess in our kitchen every night. I have made 2 batches of cherry salsa, but gave it all away. This week is the last of the cherries; third time is a charm (which makes 30 lbs of cherries this year) and I’m keeping this batch… probably…mostly. I have flats of tomatoes, herbs, cucumbers for pickles, and peaches strewen all over the place (ripening). Last night I washed the 6 dozen jars that my mother had collected for me, organized rings and lids for them all. I am ready to can my heart out. I have a pretty great roommate to put up with the mess. I’ll of course share my preserves, and here I am already giving away my not-even-made-yet cherry salsa. It feels good to give and share the love.




black pepper

lemon juice

coconut oil

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