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Summer cooking has never been my favourite. Unless Im outside in the garden grilling, or on a beach with a camp stove, Ive always found it far too hot and bothersome to put much love into cooking anything past breakfast. Now that Im away from the west coast and experiencing the heat and humidity of a New York summer, this fact has proved true yet again. While all around me people are living and thriving in the heat (how, I dont know!), my temperate self is searching for any excuses to escape it. While I still havent quite mastered how the A.C. works (Ive just decided its like a microwave, and come to the conclusion Ill just never know how to use it), Ive been using fresh fruits and veggies to beat the heat and help make sure Im hydrated. Between the city heat and my long days of interning, Ive been trying to have dinner cooked and ready in under ten minutes. Its a rather optimistic goal, which doesnt always work out, but sometimes, its amazing. Fresh and crisp summer veggies along with vibrant herbs come together to make this light and healthy coleslaw aint no mayo here-

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