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Rapti B

Gujarat, IN

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Nutty Nutrition Powder

indian snacks

Substitute the store-bought sugary health drink for this homemade powder filled ...

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Crispy Neem with Coconut

indian side-dish

Fresh neem leaves stir-fried with coconut to crispy perfection; just another way...

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Stir-fried Red Spinach

indian side-dish

Red spinach or lal shaak stir fried in garlic-tempered oil makes for a healthy d...

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Raw Mango Chutney

indian other

Raw green mangoes make for a lip-smacking sweet & savoury chutney popular as a d...

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Fish Head & Rice Mishmash

indian rice

Muri Ghonto or Fish Head Mishmash is a traditional and popular Bengali dish wher...

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Tomato Dates Chutney

indian side-dish

Bengali tomato and dates chutney, a sweet and spicy dish that works as a meal di...