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Dawn Yucuis

Dawn Yucuis

Minnesota, US

+ Added Recipes 7 years ago

+ Added Recipe 7 years ago

Potato and Shrimp Soup

american soups

I love a bowl of soup when it cold outside, this potato and shrimp soup hits the...

+ Added Recipes 8 years ago

+ Added Recipe 8 years ago

Zucchini Spice Bundt Cake

american desserts-sweets

I think that we have picked our last zucchini from the garden for the year. We d...

+ Added Recipe 8 years ago

Foil Packet Roasted Baby Red Potatoes

american side-dish

Years ago we grew potatoes in our garden. Mike loves potatoes and fresh potatoes...

+ Added Recipe 8 years ago

Cheesy Chicken Stuffed Green Peppers

american side-dish

Since we didn't have enough green peppers either, we picked some up at a loc...