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I plan my cakes weeks before an event usually and even so, I always end up changing a few things even during the process of making it. But with this cake it was different. I had no idea what I wanted for my birthday until I found a ripe, delicious mango at the market. And because I wanted another flavor to balance it well, I went for lemon. The poppy seed sponge seemed like the most natural pairing for the two main flavors and I was right – it balanced the cake perfectly with its texture and slightly bitter taste. Hidden inside the cake it is a lime flavored ganache which is subtle, but you can definitely feel it, leaving you with a flavor that you can barely pinpoint if your palate is not trained for it. As complex as the cake is, trust me, it’s easy to make. I’ve always said it and I’ll keep saying it – what I do is not rocket science and everyone can do it with patience and interest. Without more talking, here is the recipe – mango and lemon entremet!

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