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Sesame Seed Biscuits





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I often find myself wondering what snacks to give to my son during the day. He’s 5 and loves having tiny snacks between meals, apart from his daily fruit portion. I’m trying to avoid store-bought when possible and I’m glad that my little man agrees with me as he loves my homemade treats more than anything I could buy at the store. It’s lovely to see him happily chewing on the biscuits or cookies I made.. or we both made as he likes to get involved in the process sometimes. Usually, he loves anything with chocolate, but I was surprised to hear him say that he loves these sesame seed biscuits, especially with peanut butter. Yes, filling them with peanut butter was his idea and I quickly jumped on the bandwagon as we both love peanut butter. So I give you sesame seed peanut butter sandwich biscuits- these crisp, rich, butter biscuits filled with a thin layer of peanut butter! They are rich and melt in your mouth, despite their initial crunchy texture. The sesame seed flavor is delicate and I would say that it’s peanut butter the one to stand out if you’re thinking to use it as a filling. But the biscuits are just as good plain and simple – they store great in an airtight container or cookie jar and taste even better after one or two days.


all-purpose flour

whole wheat flour

pinch salt

Egg Yolks

butter, unsalted, softened

powdered sugar, sifted

sesame seeds, toasted

Peanut butter for filling

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