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I should have been feeling great post exams but I was kind of blahhhhh. I had been waking up in a cranky mood and dreading the things I had to do that day. Some trivial things bothered me: the woman who hogged 6 washing machines on a busy Saturday morning, some more serious: some creepy guy I was serving who felt it was ok to grab my arm and ask me to “show him my beautiful smile for him” and then complained to my manager that I was giving him attitude when I chose to ignore his harassment. Thankfully my boss was on my side. Maybe the grey days were wearing me down? Maybe people are just irritating me that badly. Grumble grumble….


pure maple syrup

extra virgin olive oil

ground cinnamon

cayenne pepper

fine grain sea salt

raw whole pecans (walnuts would be a good choice too)

sweet potato, scrubbed and dried, unpeeled

beets, scrubbed, dried and peeled

fresh minced rosemary

extra virgin olive oil

fine grain sea salt

cracked black pepper

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