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Ma?gorzata Wolanin

Mazowieckie, PL

+ Added Recipe 4 years ago

Chorizo chili shakshuka


Fast and delicious shakshuka! Runny egg yolks, spicy tomato based sauce with cho...

+ Added Recipe 4 years ago

Double chocolate strawberry brownie

polish cakes

Absolutely delicious, moist brownie with strawberries covered in milk chocolate....

+ Added Recipe 4 years ago

Sausage and young cabbage pasta

polish pasta

Easy, fast and delicious pasta with creamy young cabbage, bacon, sausage and mus...

+ Added Recipe 4 years ago

Asparagus baked with bechamel sauce

polish soups

Delicious asparagus baked with cheesy bechamel sauce. Great side dish!...

+ Added Recipe 4 years ago

Thai salmon soup

thai soups

Easy, fast and delicious Thai coconut soup with salmon and oyster mushrooms. Gre...

+ Added Recipe 4 years ago

Easy chicken with sun dried tomatoes and mozzarella

polish main-course

Easy, fast and delicious chicken thighs with creamy sun dried tomato sauce and m...