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Nicolas Hortense

Nicolas Hortense

Western Australia, AU

+ Added Recipe 4 years ago

Tikka Chicken Skewers with a Cucumber Raita


An incredibly quick and easy chicken dish that you can get done in 20-30 minutes...

+ Added Recipe 4 years ago

Irish Stew Pie


Hey friends!! So, St Patrick’s Day is coming up, and how cool would it be to c...

+ Added Recipe 4 years ago

How to make Meringues

french desserts-sweets

A basic guide showing you how to not screw up a meringue. And how to achieve tha...

+ Added Recipe 4 years ago

Turkey and Lentil Stuffed Bell Peppers with Tomato Sauce


This is just one epic way to make vegetables more interesting. Fill your red pep...

+ Added Recipe 4 years ago

Spicy Honey Soy Mustard Chicken Wings Recipe

other starters-appetizers

Spicy, sweet, tangy and dang tasty chicken wings! They have an epic spice rub on...

+ Added Recipe 4 years ago

Beef and Udon Noodle Soup

japanese soups

A broth that has a beautiful deep flavour, served with seared, blushing medium r...