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Chocolate Whisky Mini Cakes

By Heidi Hjelm


Roenne, BO, DK Roenne, BO
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So I'm back on the blog with the recipe as is the Chocolate Whisky Mini Cakes. I have long wanted baked a cake like this, especially in the cute mini rim shape. I like to use spirits in my cakes and desserts at holidays. It give finishing in-one when comes to taste. Therefore fits this chocolate cake with whiskey very well for Christmas. Gingerbread baker I much by jultid. This chocolate cake is spiced with ginger and cinnamon. I would like to make it extra delicious and poured therefore little whiskey in the dough, and I must say that it gave a delicious cake, with a perfect finish. The cake is also very light, soft and moist, like a spice cake should be. I have decorated the cakes with melted chocolate, but you can eat the cake as it is for a hot cup of coffee or tea.



Cocoa Powder, unsweetened


brown sugar


cup milk

fresly grated ginger


baking soda

maldon salt

ground ginger

ground cinnamon


Chocolate, good quality either dark or light, for overdrafts

Cooking Procedure


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