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About Recipe

Yummy fruit pani puri with mango lassi as pani.


1 cup semolina (sooji/ rava)

1/4 cup whole wheat flour

pinch of salt

3/4 cup mango pieces

3/4 cup yogurt (curd)

1.5 tablespoons sugar or as required

pinch of cardamom powder

1/2 cup finley chopped mixed fruits(apple, banana, mango, peach, pineapple, strawberries etc)

Oil for deep frying.

Cooking Procedure


n Making puris:nn  nn 1. Combine semolina, whole wheat flour and pinch of salt, add water slowly and make a stiff dough like puri dough. Knead well and keep a side for 20 - 30 mins.nn  nn 2. After the dough as rested, knead the dough again, if its too hard add liitle water and knead again. Divide it into equal sized balls. Using the chapathi roller, roll out thin rotis and cut with a round lid or cookie cutter as small round puris of about 2 inches diameter or less.nn  nn 3. Heat oil for deep frying in a deep pan or kadai on a medium flame. Deep fry 3 - 4 puris at a time, gently press down on it with a slotted spoon. When the puri is fully puffed on one side,  flip over to other side and cook to golden brown on both sides.Drain on a tissue paper.Cool and store in an air tight container and use when required.nn  nn Making Pani:nn  nn 1. Grind together 3/4 cup mango pieces, yogurt, cardamom powder and sugar to make mango lassi. This is the pani for puris. This will be a liitle thick then the original pani for pani puri. Use sugar depending on the sweetness of mango or as required.nn  nn Assembling Fruit pani puri:nn  nn 1. Crack a small hole in the centre of each pani puri, drop few pieces of finely chopped mixed fruits and pour the mango lassi to fill the puri half way or more.nn  nn 2. Serve immediately, the whole puri should be kept in the mouth in one go.n


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