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About Recipe

This post started out as something entirely different, something having to do with iced coffee (and lots of it). But then I took too many pictures of these cappuccino popsicles and realized that they were just too darn pretty to get anything but their own post. That and the fact that anytime a dessert can double as breakfast it obviously needs to be showcased. After all, it’s not often that you can have dessert for your morning meal (at least without anyone judging you). When it comes to these popsicles, though, you most certainly can have one for breakfast. In fact, have two or three while you’re at it. Live a little. It’s Friday and you deserve a treat for getting through the week. Besides, doesn’t ‘morning popsicle’ sound so much better than ‘morning coffee’?!


Coffee or espresso that has been brewed and cooled

Heavy Cream

milk or, for a Vegan & Dairy-free option almond milk or coconut milk

Sugar (optional)

Vanilla (optional)

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