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My Nana taught me many important life lessons. For starters, she made sure I knew how to eat popcorn politely – “one piece of popcorn at a time [...will keep you from looking like a fool when you drop half a handful down your shirt while shoveling it in your face].” (My husband is still trying to teach me that lesson). She showed me how to turn miniature scraps of calico fabric into a patchwork quilt, and when in doubt: just bake it and see what happens.


Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream

mint chocolate wafers (Recipe Included)

white rice flour

sweet rice flour

tapioca starch (or corn starch)

oat flour

xanthan gum

dutch process cocoa powder

espresso powder

baking powder

baking soda



light brown sugar

butter, softened


pure vanilla extract

peppermint extract

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