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Several years ago when Bobby and I were spending a long weekend in Taos, New Mexico, we went to the El Meze Restaurant for dinner. We had a marvelous meal as we always do at the El Meze, but the shining star of the evening was a watermelon salad with preserved lemons. It was SO good that we went back a couple days later, just so we could have it again. This second time, I paid extra special attention to the ingredients and flavors because I knew I would want to be able to make this salad at home.


watermelon, 1? cubes (chilled)

feta cheese, crumbled

Kalamata olives, cut in half lengthwise

preserved lemon, pulp removed, rind sliced thin

sweet onion, sliced thin

Fresh mint, chopped

balsamic vinegar

ruby port


canola oil

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