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Celje, SI

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berries and beet purple smoothie | jernejkitchen

european smoothie

For those who don't like beets, this smoothie is going to be a game changer....

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detox green smoothie

european ice-creams

Celebrating health, delicious vegetables, fruits and taking the time to nurture ...

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whole wheat multigrain bread

european breads

There is already so much written about bread. It is mentioned in all kinds of re...

+ Added Recipe

Sourdough bread Great comforter | jernejkitchen

european breads

Bread has always been probably one of my biggest challenges and pleasures at the...

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sweet caramelised baked apples

european side-dish

Last time I ate baked apples, I was probably around 8 years old. I don't kno...

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Easter cross buns

european breads

This makes us SOOOO HAPPY and excited, I am actually lost for all the words that...