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I hate throwing away leftover ingredients, therefore sometimes, like today, a baking day starts with scouting the fridge and my magic cupboard (aka the place where I keep all the ingredients that aren’t at risk of going stall if not kept at a certain temperature) and coming up with a recipe to use all those ingredients. And today is was the turn of cream cheese – I bought a bucket of silky cream cheese a few days ago and after making a Romanian cheese pie, I was left with about 1 pound of cream cheese that was going to sit in the fridge for days if I wasn’t going to use it. But boy, I’m happy things happened this way because I got to make and taste these cheesecake bars which might be one of the best cream cheese desserts I ever made and tasted!


biscuits (I used some simple vanilla biscuits, but feel free to use your favorites)

butter, melted

cream cheese



vanilla extract

fresh raspberries

butter, softened

powdered sugar


white flour


baking powder

lemon zest

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