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Today's blog post is no. 100! and the recipe I will share with you today is the cheesecake with chocolate and dulce de leche. I am crazy about cheesecake. However, it is all too rare that I make them. So far I have only tried to make no-bake cheesecakes. So I was very exceited to try this one to be baked in the oven. I had something philadelphia cream cheese lying in the fridge to be used, and so in connection with the Mother's Day today, I would like to put the recipe on the blog. To celebrate Mother's Day with a piece of cheesecake is not the worst:-)


digestive biscuits

unslated butter, melted

cream cheese, room temperature


large eggs, room temperature

dule de leche

chopped chocolate

roasted and chopped hazelnuts

springform 20 cm in diameter

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