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Some days are so draining- emotionally, mentally, physically- that by the time dinner time rolls around I think I might die. Ok, that might be a slight, very small, teeny tiny exaggeration, but you catch my drift. Some days simply knock the life out of me.  Today was one of those days. Actually, many days have felt that way lately (apologies if I start to sound like a broken record, but only real life here).  Although my child gifted me with sleeping in until 7:15am, it was the least he could do after a night of head-butting me off my pillow. I mean, what is it with kids? We're sleep in a full sized bed, yet somehow, my body ends up with a sliver of mattress to sleep on and without any pillow at all. All the co-sleepers out there, you know what I'm talking about. Despite the lazy start, I hoped to go to the gym, but a certain very  opinionated little boy refused to change out of his footed fleece jammies. You guys, I'll go to the market or run other errands with him in his pjs, but the gym? no. Oh, I would do it, but his shoes don't fit over the jammies and I'm pretty sure shoes are required. (are they?) So, a run to Home Depot (where I was whacked in the forehead with a ruler), lunch, laundry, two recipes cooked and photographed and a short nap later (for the kid, not me), I wrangled the kids together with the brilliant idea to run to our friends house, rather than drive. Juniper would get some much-needed exercise, I would get some not-so-needed exercise and Octavian would, well, (fingers crossed) keep quiet. Despite the flat tires on my stroller (note to self: check before leaving the house next time) and wind, it was good. Two hours outdoors later, I probably said "NO!" or "COME HERE" at least 100 times and can count on two hands how many times I was actually listened to (most of which were by the dog). A run home, dinner, shower, books and bedtime later (again more than an hour to get him to sleep,

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