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To think that six months ago I didn’t like salmon and now I’m not only eating it, I’m making Salmon Cakes out of it. It’s not that I didn’t try to like salmon, as a chef I kept experimenting with specials stuffing, seasoning, and cooking it as many ways as I could think of. But it just never tasted good to me…sigh


fresh salmon ( I used Pacific wild caught Sockeye)

diced onion ( sweet or red is preferable)

diced roasted red peppers (or raw red peppers) ¼ cup finely chopped Italian parsley

seasoned bread crumbs (more if needed)

old bay seasoning


dijon mustard


squeeze of fresh lemon

worcestershire sauce

hot sauce

olive oil to saute salmon cakes

Remoulade Sauce


dijon mustard

chili sauce (optional)

hot sauce

fresh lemon juice

Worcestershire sauce

scallions, chopped

chopped fresh parsley

chopped green olive

sweet pickle relish

capers, chopped

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