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I wanted a little crunch on the outside but the velvety softness in places of the exterior of a good ol’ Southern biscuit. That’s what these strawberry biscones (bis{cuit} + {s}cones) are all about~~delighting in the ‘newness’ of age old favorites. And, using my rustic natural look of food, no two of these biscones look exactly alike. Each has its own ‘dna’ of sorts making its look just unique and beautiful! Now, if you don’t have pearl sugar, then try buying sugar cubes and cracking them up into smaller pieces, but not pulverizing. You can use regular sugar, too, but I like the happiness of weetle sparks of sugar! Here’s to newness in life and bursts of sweet eats xoxo ~peace~ ally


self-rising flour

baking powder

sea salt


eggs, beaten


canola oil


fresh strawberry pieces

Salted butter

Dusting powdered sugar

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