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I guess youd call me a bit of a dreamer, or a fantasizer at the very least. Im always planning our hypotheticalfuture on long drives, over lingering breakfasts,and cuddles on the couch, our life plans are dreamed up. Recently, these chats have turned to thefantasyofowning our own brunch restaurant. While this idea will probably never come tofruition, we liketo play around brainstorming decor ideas, cafe names, andespecially, our menu. When it comes to the offerings, the usual suspects like the bennys, pancakes, and oatmeals always show up on our list. But theres always a few exciting meals which manage to sneak their way on, including these lesser known Egyptian Eggs. The first time we had this dish was last summer when we went to visit our friends in New York City. Every brunch joint and cafe seemed to offer their own incarnation each differing in some slightvariation, but alwaysconsistingofbeautifullypoachedeggs a top a bed of greens andtoast,topped with the most definingingredient the dukkah. While dukkah (also known as duqqa or dakka)isnta common condiment here on the west coast, or in North America for that matter, its an essentialingredientto every Egyptiantable. Unlikeotherseasoning mixes whichusuallyconsistof just spices, dukka iscomprisedofmixednuts, herbs, and spices, which

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