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Lori Fortini

Lori Fortini

Pennsylvania, US

Blackberry Chevre Honey Ice Cream - Peonies and Pears

american ice-creams

The middle of winter may not seem like the most opportune time to begin making i...

Cheesy American-German Spaetzle

german side-dish

I’ve always thought of Oktoberfest as a celebration of beer.  I’m not a bee...

A Simple Maple-Apple Tart - Peonies and Pears

american desserts-sweets

October means apples.  Trees are ripe with fruit in fall colored hues.  In the...

Salmon Spinach Eggs - Quick and Easy Healthy Breakfast Recipe


This is one of those quick, easy, weekday morning breakfast dishes.  While it d...

Sweet Potato Coconut Milk Soup

american soups

For some reason . . . I’ve always thought of sweet potatoes as a fall food.  ...