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“Hmmm…these cookies are…gritty…” my husband was thoughtfully chewing on a chocolate chip cookie. “What do you mean?” I asked him. “Well, they’re just really gritty,” he told me. “Maybe I didn’t get the sugar dissolved well enough or something.” I said and I headed to the stove to get one and see for myself. I took a bite. And I chewed. And chewed. And kept chewing. It was like that cookie was multiplying in my mouth. And it was gritty. I couldn’t figure out what went wrong so I went with the next most logical solution and blamed it on the kids. “Well, the kids helped me make them, maybe they did something.” I had no idea that my blame game was actually right until the next morning when I went for one of the three identical bins in my pantry. I got the flour out to make biscuits. Turns out it wasn’t flour in that one. It was cornmeal.




granulated sugar

brown sugar


all purpose flour



baking powder

baking soda

sweetened condensed milk

semi sweet chocolate chips

maraschino cherry juice

maraschino cherries

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