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The recipe for peanut brittle cake with chocolate, nuts and raisins. Ps. These pastry perfectly works in the form of cupcakes.


1 ¼ cup flour gluten-free

½ cup powdered peanut butter

a pinch of baking powder

2 tablespoons granulated sugar

1 egg

Cooking Procedure


n Put all the ingredients into a bowl, knead quickly. Create a ball, wrap with plastic wrap and put in the fridge. After about 30 minutes rool fairly thick dough between two sheets of baking paper, put on the bottom of the baking pan and cut out the shape of a circle.nn The remaining dough can be used to do a frame or dough used for making muffins. Bake in the oven (top-down) preheated to 360 degrees F (180C). The baking time is about 18 minutes until the dough begins to lightly brown.nn Cool down the dough on a baking tray – do not take off immediately after baking will be very fragile.n

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