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About Recipe

This whole thing started with a craving for goat cheese. I’m a HUGE cheese hound (who isn’t?) and I’ll seize every opportunity I can to get my hands on some choice product. One of my favorite grocery stores has a temptingly extensive selection, including an “Under $5? bin with all sorts of nibs and nuggets of ambrosial cheeses. While I love snacking on these fancy morsels, some of which I can’t even pronounce, nothing gratifies me more than a nice goat cheese. I love soft cheeses, and chèvre’s creamy texture is seriously like velvet on the tongue. It also has a subtle tartness about it that tastes so fresh and crisp.



brown sugar

pecan halves

pre-rinsed spinach

pre-rinsed arugula

mandarin oranges



Panko bread crumbs

goat cheese

Granny Smith apple

red-wine vinegar

Dijon mustard


garlic clove

olive oil

salt and freshly ground black pepper

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