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About Recipe

After my Banana Chocolate chip Muffins recipe, here is a my first cupcake recipe - Vanilla Cupcake with Cream Cheese Frosting , a simple & delicious treat. Keeping majority ingredients same as used for my Basic Vanilla Sponge Cake with slight alterations I was able to make these yummy cupcakes. Simple butter, cream cheese & sugar frosting topped on the cupcakes makes it the most delicious dessert.


For cupcakes:

milk at room temperature

condensed milk at room temperature

butter at room temperature



vanilla essence

all purpose flour

baking powder

baking soda

sour cream

cupcake liners

cupcake/muffin pan

For Cream cheese frosting:

butter (1 stick)

cream cheese

confectioner’s sugar

vanilla extract

Decorative bags/Piping cone (I've used the plastic disposable decorative bags)

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