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About Recipe

This homemade stuffing is savory with hint of sweet apple and blend of healthy herbs. Serve alongside homemade gravy for a delicious side.


Unrefined (no propellant) coconut oil or olive oil cooking spray

organic minced onion

organic celery, chopped

grass-fed butter or raw organic coconut oil, or a combination of both

organic apples, chopped - one Granny Smith and one gala

soft gluten-free bread cubes, cut from homemade or store-bought bread

freshly ground pink Himalayan salt or sea salt

ground white pepper

organic Herbes de Provence or crushed sage leaves*

dried thyme leaves (omit if you use Herbes de Provence

Organic vegetable broth

shredded carrots

unsweetened raisins or dried cherries or cranberries (optional)

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