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About Recipe

Hibiscus-Green Iced Tea is a refreshing drink that does wonders for your body. A red-hued tea on its own, but adding green tea to the mix elevates it to another level.


2 green tea bags

2 hibiscus tea bags (coconut hibiscus, strawberry hibiscus, plain, or a mix)

8 ounces boiling purified or distilled water

16 ounces cold purified or distilled water

4 dropperfuls liquid stevia

1 drop lemon or lime essential oil (optional)

Ice cubes

Cooking Procedure


Place the green tea and hibiscus tea bags and the stevia in a 32-ounce glass water bottle.


Add the boiling water.


Steep for 10 minutes.


Add the cold water and fill the bottle with ice.


Serve immediately or refrigerate.

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