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This salad is late summer on a plate. Is it late summer? I always assume August is late summer–even though technically September is too, right? Anyway, August makes me think of the end of summer because it’s kind of back-to-school season (school supplies are out in force and I am jealous! GIMME ALL THE PENS, PLEASE) and it’s when the tomatoes seem to be at their best. I intended to make this recipe with peaches, but I got a bunch of mealy ones and it totally bummed me out. Thus, the nectarines. Plus, they have been so good and on sale. WIN/WIN. The tomatoes were from the cute farmer’s market near my neighborhood and every year I always forget how delicious tomatoes can be until summer rolls in and reminds me. So, so delicious and juicy and sweet. I added feta and mint to this salad because I am obsessed with that combo and I really love it with tomatoes and stone fruit. I made a quick and simple shallot vinaigrette to let the fruit shine while adding a definite savory note.

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