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Colorado, US

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Light Sesame Noodles

chinese main-course

Happy Memorial Day! Ryan and I are looking forward to spending time with friends...

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Whole Wheat Pizza Sticks | Anecdotes and Apple Cores

italian pizza

Ryan and I had an eventful night (and no, it had nothing to do with baby). After...

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Healthy Philly Cheesesteak

american sandwich

Ryan was born just outside of Philadelphia. I visited Pennsylvania with him whil...

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BBQ Pulled Chicken and Apple Coleslaw | Anecdotes and Apple Cores

american side-dish

Ryan and I went out without Lucy on Tuesday night. We went to our favorite resta...

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Harvest Apple Salad | Anecdotes and Apple Cores

american salads

Growing up in Texas and Colorado, I picked pumpkins, climbed mountains, and stoo...