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So today’s recipe I’m sharing is pesto. We all have our own way of making pesto and there are so many variations of pesto that sometimes we just get overwhelmed. Elle, my teacher, told the class she like roast pistachios in her pesto, so I thought I’d give it a try (we made pesto in class but with pine nuts). Both in my opinion taste amazing and I think I’ve become hooked on fresh basil – how good does it smell! I’m in heaven whenever I get fresh basil. I think it has to be one of my favourite herbs. How about you, do you like basil as much as me? I love using pesto on my pasta as I’m sure we all do, but did you know there are so many uses for pesto. Basil pesto on steak is a taste sensation! I’ve never had it on steak until a couple of weeks ago (and I’m planning to spread it on my toasted steak sandwich tonight!) but I’ll tell you now, I think it’s something I’ll always have on my steak from now on. Pesto makes a wonderful dip. OMG! The taste of this pesto straight from the food processor is amazing!


pistachio nuts

fresh basil

parmesan cheese

lemon juice

lime juice

Sea salt

olive oil

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