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About Recipe

This is a real colorful macaroni, similar to a pizza. If you ask why like pizza: It,s cooked already in a casserole and it,s cut into parts, as like a pizza. It is simple made, out of efforts of making a paste.


macaroni threads 400 gram

ground calf meat 300 gram

Mozzarella cheese 150 gram

tomato paste 6 tbsp

thyme powder a dash

fresh garlic 2 stems (without leaves)

paprika 1

9 tbsp liquid oil for frying

salt (if you desire) a pinch

cold water 1 and a half

cooked green been (home or conservation) one cup

Cooking Procedure


n Cut broken the macaronis into a third for their lengths.Pour the water into a medium pot let it boil, and add the noodles make it cooked until each noodle is turned to complete soft but not too much. When noodles are cooked off, rinse them a bit with cold water running of tap. Immediately after, cut the green bean ,paprika and the garlic bulbs, about into fine pieaces,now pour oil in a medium pan which has a lid, and heat the oil, next fry the green bean, paprika and garlic in heated oil, add it thyme and add it the tomato paste and stir well for a minute next add the meat and mix whole very well. Then put the lid on top of the pan, and let the ingredients cook, on a small made flame, for 3 minutes. Next ground the  cheese with a grinder or sort like. Again pour macaronis inside the medium pot and pour the vegetables into it and stir well. Then add them in this way to a casserole dish after: First halfen the macaroni amount,pour one part of it like a layer, next pour half of the cheese, next the pour rest of the macaroni, and then the end of the cheese on, and after wards bake it in an oven. n

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