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About Recipe

Regular readers will know that I am not much of a baker, I don’t have a sweet tooth but I am determined to improve but my decision to try a legendary Dobos Torte Recipe (pronounced dobosh) is definitely one of those kill or cure moments. I will not lie and say this is easy, but judging by the Oo’s and Ahh’s made by the people it was served too it was effort really well spent. As neither my wife or I hanker after sweet food deserts tend to by cooked when we have visitors and the return of a couple of British people to our village meant a wee cook out and a rather brave or stupid decision to take on this recipe.



Caster Sugar

Vanilla Sugar

Lemon: Zested and Juiced

Plain Flour

Caster Sugar

Unsalted Butter: Softened

Cocoa Powder

Dark Rum


Lemon Juice

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