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This amazing Summer fruit bender we’ve been on lately has been wonderful. Stone fruits abounding, fresh berries and ice cold watermelon. We just can’t get enough of these tangy nectarines and the peaches have been so large and juicy. One fruit I hadn’t heard of before are these fantastic tasting pluots. They are a hybrid between a plum and an apricot. If you haven’t tried them, ask your grocer, or keep an eye open at the local Farmers Market. The lady selling them to me at our local market said they may also go by their other name Apriums, but Pluots seem to be the main name that has stuck.


Pluots (or plums), halved, pits removed

olive oil to drizzle

fresh thyme leaves


whipped cream or Mascarpone Cream

balsamic syrup

Mascarpone Cream

mascarpone cheese

heavy cream

brown sugar


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