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This beautiful layered parfait is basically an ambrosia copycat. I had no idea what ambrosia was until a few years ago when I encountered the strange concoction at a BBQ. I spotted a large glass bowl billowing with white fluffy fluff stuff, dotted with orange and yellow bits- What the heck is that I asked? “Oh that’s ambrosia- just try it,” was the reply. Which I did, as I’m usually up for trying just about anything! I was love at first bite- sweet, light, and airy, with bits of orange, pineapple, coconut and occasional marshmallow that was soft and melty. So of course I got the recipe- it was made with whip topping (I’m a big fan!), sour cream (weird, right?), canned pineapple and orange chunks, shredded sweetened coconut and marshmallow. It was so amazing but also basically a WHOLE LOTTA SUGAR!

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