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About Recipe

Super adorable mini Sushi Balls! So easy & quick to make and leave little mess to clean up! Perfect as a Halloween party treat!


300g uncooked rice

360ml water

1tsp Konbu dashi powder

1/2 cup Rice vinegar

1 & 1/2 tbsp sugar

1/2 tsp salt

Your favourite fish, vegetables, or any other toppings.

Cooking Procedure


n n Cook the sushi rice as per your rice cooker instructions or in a pot. Before adding the water to cook the rice, mix in the dashi powder then pour over the rice.n n While the rice is cooking, in a small pot, heat the rice vinegar, sugar, and salt together to make the sushi vinegar on medium heat until the sugar dissolves.n n Once the rice is cooked, pour the sushi vinegar over it and mix to flavour the rice.n n Once the rice has cooled down a little, place your favourite topping in the centre of a piece of saran wrap.n n Place a little scoop of rice on top of the topping then seal it together with the saran wrap and softly squish and shape it into a ball.n n Continue to make sushi balls with various toppings.n n Serve with soy sauce, mayo, and wasabi.nn

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