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You have eaten well all week: avoided sugar, drunk sludgy odd-coloured smoothies for breakfast, lunched on salads and even cut back on the booze; but it’s Sunday night and you are just hankering for something sweet. There’s a packet of Tim Tams in the cupboard, but you know that if you open it you will probably eat the whole thing and still not be satisfied. You want decadence dammit!


Vanilla Ice Cream, or you can use flavoured but vanilla is a safeguard against flavour clashes

Caramel Top and Fill

Maple syrup

Nutella or peanut butter (warmed slightly in the microwave to drizzling consistency)

Berries blitzed in a blender with a touch of sweetener

Chopped up Tim Tams

Chopped, roasted nuts

Leftover assorted chocolates (because you have already eaten all your faves)

Berries or fruit- OK, not crunchy and a little healthy for a Satisfaction Sundae but a little burst of freshness is nice.

Chopped up lollies

Chopped up turkish delight

Leftover cake crumbs

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