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Homemade Sweet Potato Chips

By Rika Ag


Escondido, CA, US

 Escondido, CA

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Here’s a simple recipe for homemade Sweet Potato Chips. Even some of the healthier chips that you can buy in the stores often still have too much salt and too many bad ingredients. These chips are a snap to make and have very few things going in them. Sweet Potatoes are very healthy and by using paprika in place of salt gives it a lot of extra taste and helps keep sodium levels down. I made a few batches of these, the first time around I didn’t cook them long enough to be crispy, but they were still cooked and quite delicious. Just make sure you don’t overcook them and they should be tasty. If you haven’t used Red Palm Oil before I recommend that you add it to your oil repertoire. That coconut oil and of course extra virgin olive oil are household staples for us and each gives a different taste to the dishes they’re made with. It’s really your call if you want to add a dash of brown sugar, or a tad of salt. For me the taste of the sweet potatoes, red palm oil and paprika is more than enough, but others may need that …


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