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You know Pop Rocks?  Those fun packets of crumbled candy that snapped and exploded in your mouth?  I always loved those things!  I thought they'd make the perfect accent to rim our drink cups for the Zombie Science party.  I usually get sugar (or salt, or whatever) to stick to the rim of my glass by wetting the rim of the glass with water.  But water activates the pop rocks, and some of the pieces of pop rocks are too heavy to stick to the glass with just water.  But I experimented, and I found an easy solution to my problem. The answer to my problems?  Light corn syrup.  I rimmed the top of my glasses with the clear, sticky substance, then dipped it in a shallow dish full of the pop rocks.  The corn syrup does dry and skin over, so I found that it worked best to do one glass at a time. This opens up whole new worlds of rimmed-cocktail-glass possibilities!  I'm thinking sprinkles!  Nerds!  Crushed freeze dried fruit!  Maybe even some culinary herbs and flowers?  So many possibilities!

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