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If you are a human being, chances are you like popsicles when it’s hot outside.. right? If you don’t like popsicles then… you better have some kind of explanation.. Haha. Summer months call for brilliantly refreshing treats to cool you off. And to wake up your taste buds. These 3-ingredient Mango Ginger Pops do exactly that! Mango and fresh ginger make quite the combo. Think of refreshing, sweet, and creamy with a little ginger zing. I use fresh ginger in so many recipes now! Not only is ginger fabulous for your immune system, it’s super friendly on your digestion too. I love the flavor it adds, as well as it’s healing and therapeutic properties. Talk about a detox for your whole body :) Ginger is wonderful in fruity popsicles, and is perfect for green juices, stir frys and marinades.


fresh mango chunks

piece of fresh ginger root, skin removed and roughly chopped

almond milk (add more if needed)

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