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I love the month of April!  Spring is fast approaching and the weather is starting to change.  I am starting to switch my ingredients a bit to match, while going for a little bit lighter taste compared to the heavier and heartier winter meals.  Pasta dishes are a hit in my home year-round.  My kids are sometimes tough to please but if there’s pasta involved there never seems to be any resistance.  My husband is always a fan of any type of Italian-inspired meals, especially when I make it light while he’s trying to keep things healthy.  On that note, integrating a little extra veggie is a great way to give a pasta dish that lighter, Spring appeal.             Kale is everywhere these days but is underutilized in pasta dishes.  With the right accompanying ingredients (which I think I’ve assembled here), you’ll have a healthy pasta treat that packs tons of nutritional value.  I chose just a handful of light and simple ingredients, and paired it with Bertolli Five Cheese Sauce.  There’s no need to add any extra cheese as this sauce has high quality Provolone, Parmesan, Romano, Aged Asiago and Fontina cheeses.  I especially love the …

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