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Red bell pepper 1 nos (big size)

Yellow bell pepper 1nos (big size)

Olive oil 3tbsp

Goat cheese 70gm

Ricotta cheese 30gm

Chop Chives 2tsp

Salt to test

Crushed black pepper just pinch

Blanch Zucchini 50gm

Dill leaf for garnish

For dressing:

Red wine vinegar 2 tsp

Olive oil 3tsp

Salt to test

Crushed black pepper to test

Cooking Procedure


n Grill the bellpepper on a griller with mediam heat, take it out let it cool. Remove the seeds and skins of the bell pepper and marine with seasoning and olive oil. Now take a bowl and mix the goat cheese and ricotta cheese with little pepper and salt and finaly chop chives, mash it nicely. Make a roll with bell pepper , mix with dressing . nn n Take a plate and arrange blanch zucchini on the plate, keep bell pepper roll on the bed of zucchini and add some dressing on top. (if you want) add the sprig of dill leaves for garnish.nn For dressing:- Take a bowl put the red wine vinegar, Olive oil,salt , Crushed black pepper and mix it well.n


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