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About Recipe

A few months ago I was telling Josh how much I missed my foodie subscriptions. For a few years now, I’ve regularly been receiving The Food Network Magazine, but we let my subscriptions to Taste of Home and Everyday with Rachael Ray run out. So I was hinting to Josh about how much I missed them and the next thing I knew he was online looking for a good deal and I ended up walking away with Taste of Home, Everyday with Rachael Ray, Better Homes & Gardens, and some travel magazine that I can’t remember the name of, lol! (Editor’s note: That would be Condé Nast Traveler)


butter, softened

brown sugar


vanilla extract

all-purpose flour

baking powder



ground cinnamon

Nestle dulce de leche

white baking chocolate, chopped

heavy whipping cream

light corn syrup

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