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About Recipe

t’s not exactly gazpacho weather at the moment but well we can always dream now can’t we? I love a good gazpacho but had actually never made one myself. It’s one of those things that you keep on wanting to do but never get around to actually doing. But last week I was meeting up with Alexandra who is a great stylist I work with on a regular basis. She wants to get more into foodstyling and is actually starting an education for foodstylist in september so we figured we get together and try and do some fun things with salads. Now I hear you thinking; since when is a gazpacho a salad? Well, eh… it’s not but I saw the recipe and couldn’t resist. And this particular recipe I can tell you is absolutely delicious!! Since I made far too much we had it for lunch (with Alex) and then Tom and I had it for dinner. It’s not particularly suitable for dinner…lol.. Keep this more to the lunch or starter dishes and you’ll be fine.


red peppers



tomato puree

red wine vinegar

olive oil

Dutch shrimps

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