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Psssst…… there’s some delicious chicken hidden under that rice. Kabuli palau, Kabuli palaw, Qabili pulao, Qabili palaw, pilav. = Afghanistan’s National Dish. This was the main course for the Afghan inspired Global Feast this month. It’s rich. It’s flavorful. It’s full of texture and balance. It’s sly, with some secret chicken hiding under that rice. I loved making this dish. If there’s a dish that will teach you how to cook chicken and rice, this is IT! The techniques were so simple, and I was surprised at how deep the flavor was considering how few ingredients are in it. I found this Kabuli Palau recipe on Afghan Culture Unveiled, the same site I used for the sweet potato bolanis


basmati rice

chicken thighs

yellow onion, diced

olive oil or vegetable oil


chicken broth

carrots, peeled and julienned

black raisins

slivered almonds



ground cumin

ground cardamom

ground black pepper


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