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Grilling season is in full swing and I’m loving it. Of course what I’m not loving is that our grill seems to be having one problem after another. First the ignition switch on it died. That was annoying, but at least we could still light it with a lighter. Next we bought a defective propane tank that decided to leak. We replaced it and then Sunday night when I went to grill a burger for my husband it decided to just flat out not light. Ugh! Nothing is more annoying than when you have your meat all ready to grill and walk outside to find the grill is still cold! Needless to say I gave up that night and my poor husband ended up having to eat a pan fried burger…gross.


arugula or mixed greens

girlled chicken breasts

pint blackberries

goat cheese


balsamic vinegar


extra virgin olive oil

dijon mustard


fresh thyme

kosher salt

Black pepper

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