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About Recipe

Air fryer Teriyaki Chicken is a dish loved by many people, once you eat it, you will like it


1 pound boneless skinless chicken breast, diced into 1-inch cubes

Teriyaki Sauce

Salt, ground pepper

Roasted white sesame

1 bulb Garlic

Cooking Procedure


Chicken thighs you choose the medium size, fresh and bring home washed. Then use a knife to remove the chicken thigh bone, cut off the fat if any. Use a fork to poke the chicken to make it easier to marinate later. Marinate chicken thighs with salt and ground pepper for 10-15 minutes. Particularly garlic, you peel, smash and mince.


Heat the air fryer for about 200 degrees for 5 minutes, then when the pot is hot, put the chicken thighs into the oven. At this stage, you should set the heat just right, not a large set that will burn the chicken. It only takes about 12 minutes 180 degrees. Remember to turn both sides so that our chicken is golden brown on both sides.


When the chicken is golden brown, let it cool down, cut it into bite-sized pieces, arrange on a plate and pour Teriyaki sauce over it, add a little roasted white sesame for aroma and enjoy.

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