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About Recipe

If you have a gas stove roasting peppers is just so easy and a great way to preserve peppers when they’re in season. And, if you don’t have a gas stove, then you can use your outdoor gas grill! Sometimes I use baby peppers, other times I use the big peppers~~either one, I love to mix colors. Keeping roasted peppers in the refrigerator and on hand is great for so many things like sandwiches, salads, antipasto and more. Another intriguing thing about this easy recipe is that you can mix up spices and herbs creating your own couture line of roasted peppers depending upon your palate and mood~~I mean go Asian, Middle Eastern or Italian~~it’s all in how you combine your spices and herbs.


baby peppers

extra virgin olive oil



red chili flakes

dried cilantro

fresh cilantro

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